Project Pan 2018 (Inspired by MakeErinOver)

Project Pan 2018 (Inspired by MakeErinOver)

I love having a big make up collection; i love having so many different products, shades and finishes available to me so the looks i can create are endless. I have an addiction and i love buying new make up; it makes me really happy and whilst i can't promise that i won't buy a single product during 2018 - i want to try and use more of my existing collection and avoid buying products i already own a variety of. So when i came across some of the Project Pan posts on MakeErinOver, i was very inspired

Project Pan isn't a new concept in fact it's been in the beauty blogging and youtube world for quite sometime - i have tried and failed to do it a few times before but this time, I've put a lot more thought into how I'm going to do Project Pan and the products that I've chosen.

Project Pan 2018 (Inspired by MakeErinOver)

Nars Blush in Sin
This blush is no stranger to my blog; it's one of my favourites and there is no other blush like it in my collection. It's a purple toned pink with a subtle shimmer and it just gives the cheeks a lovely wintry flush. As you can imagine, Nars is quite a luxury brand so this blush was a little pricey so i really want to try and use it more and hopefully hit pan on it. I used to use this mainly on nights out but now that i go for a more intense eye look (usually with glitter) or a really bold lip, it can clash a little bit so I've not been using it as much as i want to so I'm going to use this more for day to day.

The Body Shop Brow Kit
I own a few brow powders and i rotate between brow products quite a lot (from pomades, pencils to powder) but whenever i go back to powder, i always find myself using this duo. It's so easy to use and because they aren't heavily pigmented, it makes it easier for me to achieve a full brow without it looking too heavy. I've been using this for ages and i feel like I'm not really making a dent in it, which is why I've included it in here - I'd really like to hit pan.

Clinique Chubby Contour Stick
I really like this contour stick and i always tell myself to use it more but i always forget to. I don't always contour day to day and if i contour on a night out, i have a contour powder which i won't give up for anyone, which is part of the reason this product tends to get overlooked but I'm going to try and use it more day to day as it's such a nice product and so quick and easy to use. I have actually moved this into my everyday make up drawer already and I've found myself reaching for it more.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer AKA The Luminizer
I love this highlighter, it's stunning - it gives you the most beautiful glow with very little effort required on your part. I do actually wear this most days as whilst it's very pigmented and glowy, it's not too intense for daily wear. I feel like I'm pretty close to hitting pan on this already, which is pretty much the main reason I've included it in this list.

Mac Lipstick in Plumful
This is possibly one of my favourite Mac Lipsticks; it has a lustre finish, which remind me a lot of lip butters - moisturising, pigmented with a slightly sheer finish. As the name suggests it's a plum toned pink lipstick and it's so pretty. I used to wear this all the time but since my discovery of matte liquid lipsticks, it's been a little neglected so I'm going to try and encourage myself to reach for this more.

Benefit Blush in Dandelion
I have a few of the Benefit Blushes in the same palette as Dandelion but this is the one that i tend to reach for most because it's so subtle - this is also the blush I'm going to opt for when Sin doesn't quite go with the rest of my make up because Dandelion is the perfect subtle blush when you just when a little something but nothing that will be too intense.

In previous Project Pans; I've chosen products to use for the sake of using them up and i think that's why i always get bored - so this time, I've actually chosen products that i like a lot and want to use more. Ironically, my intention isn't to use these products up entirely, i just want to hit pan or make a good dent on them.

Now I'm not going to put myself on a complete make up buying ban because i won't last, i know i won't but i am going to try to be a lot more sensible about what I'm buying and try to only buy things that i either really need (i.e. replacements) or i don't have anything similar to in my collection.
Natalie xx

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