Whitewash Laboratories Nano Intensive Whitening Strips

Whitewash Laboratories Nano Intensive Whitening Strips

For so many years I've seen people talk about Teeth Whitening Strips and I've always been so curious to try them out, however, most of these people mentioned how sensitive it made their teeth feel so I've never took the plunge and tried them because i didn't quite know which brand to trust.

I was recently contacted but the lovely people at Whitewash Laboratories with the opportunity to try out their Nano Intensive Whitening Strips* - this wasn't a brand I'd heard very much about but they are designed by UK Dentists using dentist approved ingredients, so i felt that was very reassuring and if there's anyone your going to trust with your teeth, it's dentists right?

Whitewash Laboratories Nano Intensive Whitening Strips

Whitewash Laboratories Nano Intensive Whitening Strips

Along with the whitening strips; i was very kindly sent some samples of the Nano Whitening Toothpaste, Nano Whitening Mouthwash and Nano Dental Floss - i think you have to buy these separately but i did use them alongside the kit and they were nice products to use.

The Nano Intensive Whitening Strips* comes with 14 Sachets with two strips in (one for the top, other for the bottom) and they were so easy to use and the instructions were very straightforward. Before use, you have to brush your teeth for two minutes (ideally using the Nano Whitening Toothpaste) Let your teeth dry; i actually patted mine down with some kitchen roll, it sounds a bit gross but it takes anyway any of the moisture and then apply both strips.

I found them pretty easy to apply them but i did find it very bizarre wearing them, they weren't uncomfortable or anything like that i was just very aware that i had something on my teeth. It recommends wearing them for 60 minutes - it is a bit of a pain trying to find an hour a day to do it but i tried to just squeeze it in where possible; so on a night whilst catching up with youtube or in the morning whilst i had a shower and dried my hair so it wasn't too bad.

After 60 minutes remove the strip and rinse with water. I always found there to be a excess gel leftover on my teeth so after rinsing with water, i also used a mouth wash - i don't know if this made a massive difference but it's just what i preferred to do. Towards the end of the treatment, i did reduce the time down to 30 minutes because i did feel like my teeth were getting a little sensitive - only a little bit but i just choose to lessen the time anyways and that worked for me.

I made the silly mistake of not taking a before photo so i haven't got a before and after photo to show you the comparison and I'm really kicking myself because i really feel like a before/after photo is an essential for this kind of post so unfortunately you're just going to have trust me and take me word.

To begin with, my teeth weren't horrendously yellow but they're also not quite sparkly white but i personally can see a big difference in my teeth. I've tried a variety of random whitening toothpastes and whilst i think they're working the results don't last very long but i noticed an instant difference in my teeth - I'm talking by day 2/3 and even my sister agreed that she could see a difference too. Obviously, i only finished the two week treatment 2 days ago so i can't say that my teeth will remain whiter and how long for, but the kit does recommend re-doing the treatment every 2 months so I'm guess it must last for a little while and that just re-doing it helps to keep maintain it.

I am actually really happy with these results; my teeth feel good and healthy and i feel confident that this brand is definitely one i can trust, especially because it is designed by dentists. The Nano Whitening Kit retails for £25 so it's definitely not the cheapest of kits, assuming i have the money to spare this is something I'm definitely interested in keeping up every few months because I'm really happy with the results.

Have you tried any Whitening Strips?
Natalie xx
*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

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