10 Things I'm Grateful For

10 Things I'm Grateful For

I turned 27 years old on Sunday; I'm both excited and terrified by the fact I'm getting older, I'm an adult and getting further and further away from my teenage years. If you'd have asked me 10 years ago where i thought my life would be by the time i reached this age, it wouldn't be here. I'm not saying i hate my life, it's just taken a lot of unexpected turns and I'm not sure how i feel about where i am. So i decided rather than focus on all the negative things, I'd share some of things that I'm grateful for.

1. Tea
I love tea, i drink it pretty much all day every day and I'm a firm believer that tea makes everything better, it may not solve all problems but it's definitely makes a difference.

2. Slimming World
Sounds weird being grateful for essentially having to be on a diet but i am, it's changed my life. Sounds dramatic but I'm healthier, lighter and a lot more happy and comfortable in my own skin. Granted, I'm not quite at my goal yet but I'm closer to it than I've been before and I'm grateful for that.

3. Make Up
Well it'd be silly of me to have a blog dedicated to the stuff and not be a little bit grateful for it wouldn't it? I adore make up, i love that you can transform yourself in so many different ways, you can cover any imperfections you may have and enhance all those features you love. Make up makes me feel good about myself and i wear it for me, and only me.

4. Books
Reading as always been a form of escape for me. I go through phases with reading and sometimes end up in a slump but i always knows it's there for me when i need it. I love losing myself in a book and there it's such a satisfying feeling when a book pulls you in so much that you just can't put it down.

5. Journalling
This one is a little cheesy, but I've been journalling now for just under a year - it's nothing special, it's literally just a bunch of notebooks where i scribble all my thoughts down. I find it really therapeutic, and being able to write anything I'm thinking or feeling without any form of judgement.

6. TV Series
I couldn't choose a specific one because there are so many that i love but whether it's discovering a new one or returning to a old favourite, i love losing myself in a TV Series.

7. Theatre
I adore going to the theatre; i can watch pretty much anything and id be in my element, there's just something about being in a theatre that i love - I've been lucky enough to watch so many shows already and i just love them. Musicals are my personal favourite to watch but i just love the whole experience of going to the theatre.

8. Karaoke
This is probably going to seem like such a random one to include in here but me and my friends go and do karaoke on a weekly basis and i love it. We don't take ourselves to seriously, we just have a laugh and enjoy ourselves. We know a lot of the people in the bar that we go, including the guy that runs karaoke so we always a really good time and it's one of my favourite nights of the week.

9. My Family
I'm not a very family orientated person - I'm firm believer that just because you're related to someone by blood, it doesn't make them your family. There is a select few though like my mum, my sister, my nan and my little furry friend Niko - They drive me absolutely crazy but i don't know what I'd do without them.

10. My Friends
I'm quite lucky to be able say i have quite a large group of friends around me but there is a select of those that i am incredibly grateful for and i honestly don't know how I'd get by without them. They are the most incredible people and i would do anything for them.

Natalie xx

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