Nivea Urban Skin Defence & Detox

Nivea Urban Skin Defence & Detox

Nivea is a brand that has been around for so many years and recently they have released their new Urban Skin Defence & Detox Range which has been formulated to counteract the effects urban/city life can have on your skin.

People who commute and spend a lot of time in busy urban areas tend to suffer with their skin that little bit more due to the effects of pollution, exhaust fumes and dirt meaning the skin dries out a lot quicker and the skin weakened. So Nivea have designed this new skincare range to counteract those effects; to help protect and regenerate the skin

Technically, i live in a town not a city so it's still classed as an urban area my skin doesn't suffer quite as much as it might do if i was living in a city.

Nivea Urban Skin Defence & Detox

Nivea Urban Skin 1 Minute Detox Mask Purify*
There is three different face masks available in this range; a moisture mask, pore refining and purify. I received the Purify which is a white clay mask with active magnolia extract and it's designed to detoxify, exfoliate and purify the skin.

I'm quite partial to a face mask to begin with but the fact that this only needs you to leave it on for 1 minute is a winner for me. It's been created with the idea that you can use this daily for optimal results, i personally choose to use it every couple of days but i really like it. I like to apply my face masks with a brush - it's a game changer, you can get such a smooth and a more even application. It's really comfortable on the skin and even when it dries down it doesn't feel too tight on the skin. After the minute has passed and you start to rinse it off, it becomes a gentle exfoliator.

Whenever i use this it leaves my skin feeling lovely and smooth, i don't know if it's just a coincidence but i definitely feel like I've had less blemishes since I've been using this so it's definitely doing something.

Nivea Urban Skin Defence & Detox

Nivea Essentials Urban Skin Detox Moisture Boost Night Cream*
This night cream has been formulated with anti-oxidant, bio green tea extract and hyaluronic acid and it's designed to detoxify the skin, restore and refresh the skin and provide the skin with a 48hour moisture boost.

The consistency of this surprised me as i was expecting a typical moisturiser but this is a green almost gel like formula and it feels really nice on the skin. It absorbs into the skin so easily, it's not greasy or sticky and it feels so nice and refreshing to apply. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and hydrated and i find myself looking forward to applying it because my skin feels so nice after.

Since using both of these products; i feel like i can see a difference in my skin - I've had less blemishes, my skin is smoother and it just generally feels a lot nicer. There is a day cream available in this range also, which i don't have so i can't comment on what that's like.

I'm really impressed with this range and it's pretty affordable too, this is definitely a range worth checking out if you are someone who finds their skin suffers a lot due to constant exposure of pollution and general urban/city life.

Have you tried the Nivea Urban Skin Defence & Detox Range?
Natalie xx

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