A Fresh Start.

A Fresh Start.

My blog has been a little all over the place this year; i don't really know how to explain it or even where to begin. This year has been a little all over the place and i've well and truly struggled balancing my personal life along with my blog.

Truth be told, a lot has happened to me this year and it's taken up a lot of my attention and distracted me from posting consistently but i do want to try and get back into blogging because i do genuinely miss it. I have tried to get back into it but i've just found that my motivation has been at an all time low and i've been struggling for content ideas.

Beauty and Make Up are two topics that i do love to write about and want to continue to do so but my budget no longer accomodates for frequent random make up purchases nor does the size of my collection justify it either. So it's been a struggle to create fresh beauty content that isn't the same old stuff i've done before. Randomly enough, i've also found i've developed a bit of fear of posting certain things - i don't really know why but i find myself constantly hesistating about what i post.

I have really missed blogging and as i've said i do want to get back into a routine of sorts - i'm aiming to post at least once a week and then any extra posts are simply a bonus. I'm declaring this a fresh start for my blog, i don't know how it's going to go, exactly what i'm going to be posting or whether any of you still even read my blog anymore but i'm not ready to quit just yet.

Natalie xx

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