Netflix #3 | What I've Been Watching

Netflix #3 | What I've Been Watching

After my whole 'Fresh Start' post i was really looking forward to getting back on track and back to posting but my laptops been playing up so it's proving to be a bit of an obstacle so you may have to bear with me. I was also set to take blog photos this morning so that i could try and get ahead with future blog posts but the sun keeps going in and out,  which is creating shadows and just doesn't look great which is also why I've had to re-use this image for this blog post.

Very frustrating, but i thought I'd share with you what I've been watching on Netflix recently, it's quite a mixed bag to be honest. Feel free to leave me any recommendations as I'm always look for new things to watch on there.

Orange Is The New Black | Season 6
I question why i watch this every time a new season is released because each season just get worse and worse. I find the last 2-3 episodes of the season are where it gets interesting, the first half is just dragged out and unnecessary.

Like Father
I enjoyed this film a lot - Rachel is a work-a-holic who after being left at the alter ends up on her Honeymoon Cruise with her estranged Father, after drunkenly inviting him. It's quite a predictable storyline, they have a difficult and frosty relationship to begin with and you see it develop and change over the course of the cruise. It was a really cute film, easy to watch and i quite enjoyed.

The End of the F**King World | 1 Season
This follows a boy who thinks he a psychopath and wants to commit his first murder and a girl who is rather annoying who he plans to be his first victim and they go on a road trip. It wasn't an amazing series and I'm not sure I'd recommend it, it was weird but for some reason i couldn't stop watching it.

Notting Hill
I adore this movie; a chance meeting of a timid bookstore owner and a Hollywood icon leads to a improbable romance. It's so cute and such a nice feel good movie, that just gives me all the feels everything i watch it.
To All The Boys I've Loved Before
I've actually watched this twice. It's such an adorable and cute movie - i wasn't sure about it at first, but i found myself really enjoying it and i instantly wanted to watch it again after I'd finished. This film has been spoken about A LOT on social media so I'm sure your already familiar with it but if not, it's about Lara Jean who has a box containing 5 letters written to her crushes, unsure how to handle her feelings she writes everything down in the letter with the assumption that no-one will ever read them. Until her letters disappear and someone has sent them out. It's cute, it's predictable but it's so good.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser
Now i completely agree with what everyone is saying about all things that are wrong with this movie - it does glamorise cat fishing and some of the things that happen are a little wtf. That being said, if you take the movie at face value as a cheesy teen film, i did really enjoy it. It's a cute, feel good film and i adore the song at the end of it. It definitely has a lot of issues though.

What have you been watching lately? Any Recommendations?
Natalie xx

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