DIY-ing Your Halloween Costume

DIY-ing Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is my favourite time of the year; every year me and my friends all get dressed up and go out and i absolutely love it. I am someone who prefers to put their costume together themselves if possible so i thought id share a few tips and tricks that i find quite helpful.

DIY-ing Your Halloween Costume

Before i say anything, i just want to disclaim that there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying existing/general costumes at all - for me personally, i just find they never look how i want them too and i just generally enjoy the process of putting my own costume together - that is a part of my Halloween experience. Here's a few tips that i like to do that i find useful.

1. Plan in Advance
The sooner you know what your want costume to be the more time you have to work on it. I don't like to do mine all in one go; i find it much easier to do it in bits that way i don't get bored with it.

2. Break it Down
Once you know your outfit, draw a diagram and break it down. It doesn't have to be perfect but it really helps to see what you'll need to put your costume together. Do you need a skirt? Trousers?Top? A Dress? What colour? What Accessories? Will you need to customise those items? What shoes? What Make Up? Etc... Obviously, every costume will be different but it'll break it down and give you a good idea of what you need to buy. This also helps with determining whether DIY-ing your costume is worthwhile in terms of cost - is it going to cost you more than it would if you bought a premade one?

3. Collect your Bits & Pieces
Now you've broken your costume down, you'll know what you need to buy to put it together. I prefer to collect mine over time rather than getting it all at once but that is personal preference. Ebay & charity shops will be your best friend; you can find such quirky things and they're usually pretty affordable. I rely on Ebay for the majority of mine especially for getting the accessories for my costumes as they're usually really cheap and you can often find really good replicas (especially for the likes of jewellery pieces)

Don't forget to utilise things you already own; not everything has to be bought. Look in your wardrobe are there any items that you can make use out of? Things you don't mind potentially customising.

4. Know Your Skill Set
I'm okay on a sewing machine but I'm no way skilled enough to make items from scratch. Don't set yourself an impossible task - for me, i prefer to customise existing items as i know that it's more likely to be successful. Do you have access to a sewing machine? Are you hand sewing or relying on fabric glue? Be realistic about what you want to do.

5. Give Yourself Time
I've already mentioned but i like to give myself plenty of time to work on my costume as i find it easier to do it in stages rather than all at once. This ensure i don't get bored and then half ass it. I also always aim to have it finished by the end of September just in case it doesn't go to plan and i balls it up, then i still have time to sort something out.

Your costume doesn't have to be an exact replica, take inspiration and create your own version and have fun with it.

What are you planning to go as this year?
Natalie xx

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